A painting by Brian Kershisnik. A couple with dark hair against a landscape of blues and green and beige sky both looking the opposite way. He is in a black jacket and white shirt and she a black top and blue skirt. Quick shop
A couple embraces while each holding a book and reading it with one hand against a turquoise and grey background. She with her brown hair pulled back in a bun is wearing a white dress with small orange tile prints and he with his dark hair and a dark sweater and army green slacks. Quick shop

Lovers Reading


Relief print Angel by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. Angel flying through the air blowing a trump and holding a book. Quick shop



Giclee pigment print of an original oil painting She Reads by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. White puppies sit on the lap of a red haired women reading a book against a white/gray background. She is wearing a black and blue triangle patterned dress and sitting in a black chair. Quick shop

She Reads