Our Glorious Mother Eve Quick shop
but Ruth clave unto her Quick shop
the maps Quick shop

the maps


Dramatic Rescue Quick shop

Dramatic Rescue


Mother and child Quick shop
Two women walking forward against a background of light and dark turquoise. One with dark red hair, black trousers and rust shirt. The other with darker skin, dark hair, black shirt and green skirt. Quick shop
Two individuals with dark hair look at a white cat with a pink orange background. Quick shop

White cat


One woman with a blue dress and one with a yellow shirt and green skirt picking up glass on the beach. Quick shop

Beach glass


Acrobat lovers in black each swinging on a trapeze and kissing mid air.Turquoise and pale pink back. Quick shop

Acrobat lovers


Measurement from memory Quick shop
A dark haired woman in a green patterned top and brownish skirt knocks on a house covered with a deep blue sky and stars on green grass. Quick shop

Star House


A pair of lovers in a tender embrace holding up the starry heavens while their feet are planted on the earth. She is in a green leafy patterned dress and he in black slacks and an off-white shirt against a blue sky. Quick shop
Three women and a child looking for treasures on the sea shore Quick shop

Beach Combers


A couple kissing against a cityscape background and turquoise sky. She is weary beige and white top and he is in black. Quick shop
A woman with a beautiful pink and green-gray dress holding apples and leaning against a red house with green door and a white cat in the corner of the painting. Quick shop

Red House